dilluns, 9 de desembre de 2013

EPRI- 6è

In the 6th. grade we have started working on situations in real life.
This time, they have learnt a dialogue of a visit in a Science museum.
Would you like to watch some of them?

dilluns, 2 de desembre de 2013

Llar d'Infants- Christmas

On Friday 20th, we will go out, to "la placeta", and we will be altogether singing carols.
 In P2, we're going to start rehearsing a song today . Guess which one is it.

El divendres dia 20 sortirem a la placeta a cantar nadales tots junts.
A P2 comencem a assajar avui la nostra, a veure si endevineu quina és?

Christmas is coming!!!

The first and second level students are preparing Christmas time with a lot of enthusiasm and we are singing and dancing a lot!

Some of the songs we are learning are the following.

We hope you enjoy them too!!

INFANTIL - It's Christmas time!!!

This week we start singing Christmas songs at la "saleta" with our tambourines!!!!

This is the Christmas song we are learning:

EPRI - 3er


In the 3rd. level we have started singing the song: " Rocking around the Christmas Tree" and we are making up a choreography to dance it in front of all the school.

We hope that everyone enjoys it!

dilluns, 25 de novembre de 2013

INFANTIL - Autumn & Home

Last week, we finished the Unit about Autumn and Home.
We learned the rooms of the house: dining room, living room, kitchen, bathroom... and some vocabulary about Autumn: leaves, chesnut, squirrel, acorn...

We sang these songs:

Llar d'Infants - Colours!!

The last weeks we have been working about numbers and colours.
One way to learn and revise colour topic is pointing at something and singing "What colour is it?" and wait  the children to answer.

"What colour, what colour, what colour is it?
it's ........., it's,.........."

Les últimes setmanes hem estat treballant els colors i els nombres.
Una manera de aprendre i repassar els colors es assenyalar alguna cosa i cantar "What color is it?" i esperar que els nens contestin.


Every week we have a protagonist in the 3rd. and 4th. level.
They do a short exposition about themselves the first day of the week, and during the week they are the teacher helper: they say the date, they give out the worksheet, they are the first of the queue,...
And they MUST be happy and try to make the others happy  : )

Cada setmana tenim una protagonista per a  3er. i 4rt.
Fan una breu exposició sobre elles el primer dia de la setmana, i durant la setmana són les ajudants de la teacher: diuen la data, donen les fitxes, són les primeres de la cua...
Hi HAN d'estar contentes i intentar que les seves companyes també ho estiguin  : )

dilluns, 11 de novembre de 2013


As you know, we have already celebrated the English Day!

It was a great experience that we, students and teachers, enjoyed a lot.  We had some brave pirates who arrived at Airina and leaded us through a day full of fantastic activities and games.

At the end, we found the most wonderful treasure anyone can ever find: the pleasure of working together and realising that friendship is the most powerful award we could never have.

Thank you for your collaboration!

dijous, 4 de juliol de 2013

dimecres, 12 de juny de 2013

EPRI- Machines

This week, with the 4th. and 5th . level, we have started making the machines in Science.
Here are some photos on how they are working. Next week, you will see the results!

The colors

To finish the course and review colors we are learning a new and raucous song, " The rainbow song", and Ellie is with us in a new story.


The end of the course is really near so 1st and 2nd EPRI girls are just finishing some tasks and activities.
For me, it has been a pleasure to be their teacher. I'm really happy and proud of their effort and their results. They've learnt lots of new things during this year and I'd like to congratulate all of them!

dimecres, 5 de juny de 2013

Nature - E.I

The school year is ending and  in P3, P4 and P5 we are learning about things around the countryside.

We are watching this video in our classes to learn more about nature.

Fabulous food!

1st EPRI girls are studying food names. Moreover, they can show their likes and dislikes!
Here you are a song they love! I hope you enjoy it!

dimecres, 29 de maig de 2013

The rainbow colors song - E.I

Through this video we have revised most of the colors that we have learned during the year!!

"Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink,
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink,
it's a rainbow, it's a rainbow, a beautiful rainbow in the sky,
it's a rainbow, it's a rainbow, a beautiful rainbow in the sky..."

Llar d'Infants- Numbers

This week we have started sing a new song to revise numbers up to 7. Soon you will be able to sing it with your children and you will discover all they know.


This week, 2nd EPRI girls are watching the film "Annie".

Annie is an American musical film adapted from the Broadway musical based upon the popular Harold Gray comic strip Little Orphan Annie.

2nd EPRI girls will perform the song "Tomorrow", their favourite song from the musical.  

Here's the song just to practise and have fun! 


In C.M ( 4th.) and C.S. ( 5th) we are learning about the Simple and the Complex Machines. Right now, we are just learning some vocabulary about them, but very soon we are going to MAKE A MACHINE!         



dijous, 23 de maig de 2013

Llar d'Infants

As I promised, here is the video of the children of Kindergarden 2 dancing the song "Walking walking".
I hope you like it!

dimecres, 22 de maig de 2013

This week, we've started new units in 1EPRI and 2EPRI!

Year 1 girls are studying food, likes and dislikes. Here you are a song they love!

Year 2 girls are learning hobbies and free time activities. This video can be helpful to revise some structures and vocabulary.

dimecres, 15 de maig de 2013

Llar d'Infants - The body

This week, we keep on learning about the body and moves and we are dancing and singing this song. Try to listen to it at home and see how your children dance.

Walk around the farm - EI

This week we keep on working the animals. In P3, we work on Farm animals.

And we love singing this song!


On Monday 13th. May, some pupils of the 6th grade took the FLYERS test at school. An external examiner came to Airina and the tests are going to be sent to England. We hope that we'll get the results by the end of June.




Hi! This week we've learnt this song. It's really fun and great!
 Girls love it!
It's a really good way to learn some parts of the body and some action verbs, too. So, enjoy it!

dimecres, 8 de maig de 2013

Llar d'Infants - Dance time

This week we have started dancing with this song. I upload this video but I will upload your children's video very soon.

Infantil - Animals

This week we are learning the animals through songs, stories and videos.

They love animals and enjoy the English class!!!!!

divendres, 26 d’abril de 2013


On the 23rd. of April we celebrated St. George at school. One of the English activities was a POEM that the   girls of the 3rd. grade learned and enjoyed.
Here's the video of the last rehearsal in the playground.

dimecres, 24 d’abril de 2013

What do you want to be?

2nd EPRI girls are studying jobs and occupations. Last Monday we were talking about what jobs do they like and they havegot really interesting ideas... some of them want to be teachers, some of them want to work with animals and even some of them want to be astronauts!

Good morning, Mr Rooster!

1st EPRI girls started a new English lesson last week. They're learning animals and actions and, for this reason, we start each lesson with the Mr. Rooster song. They love it!

Here there is another song they like about animals!

Animals - E.I

This week we have started a new lesson!! We are learning the names of different animals in English.

Let's practice at home!!

dimecres, 10 d’abril de 2013

Food - E.I

Every day in P-3, P-4 and P-5, we see this flashcards video to improve our vocabulary about food, and we enjoy it so much!!

dimecres, 3 d’abril de 2013


Girls from 1st EPRI participated in their own fashion show. They were really good models and they wore different styled fashion clothes. 
Do you want to know about the new fashion Spring trends? Have a look!